Thank you for your interest in volunteering with BeMore! If you would like to apply to be a volunteer, then please fill out


Please be advised however that we receive numerous volunteer applications, and our Board meets quarterly (Janaury, April, July and October) to review each application.  Depending on the date you submit your volunteer form, there could be up to a three month delay in our response. 


Detailed Information on Volunteering with BeMore

What we do

BeMore Photography is a co-op of photographers who are searching for a way to give back to the community through their photography.  We work with small non-profits who do not have the ability to pay full value for professional photographic services.  Our research shows that non-profit organizations with the greatest need for our services have annual revenues under $50,000 – a category composed of over 19,000 individual charities in the state of Maryland alone.  These non-profits are often volunteer-based, community-driven organizations that provide services often overlooked by larger organizations.  It is these small non-profits that have the greatest need for quality imagery yet they often lack the ability to obtain it.  By working with these non-profits we directly support our communities and a wide variety of causes.

Who we're looking for

BeMore Photography is looking for experienced amateurs, semi-professional, and professional photographers living in the state of Maryland who are willing to volunteer their skills to assist local, non-profit organizations.  All photographers must at a minimum have a DSLR (though we may like film, we really need all files to be digital - sorry), a kit lens, and a photo editing program with minimum capabilities similar to Adobe’s Lightroom or Apple’s Aperture.

Why you should join

The one thing that joins all photographers regardless of skill level is a love for the challenge inherent in creating an image.  By volunteering with BeMore Photography you will get the chance to work with non-profit organizations on a wide variety of projects – each of which will present unique challenges and opportunities in an environment that encourages the development of your own artistic vision.  By becoming a volunteer photographer your photography projects gain a new purpose by directly supporting your community and the missions of various nonprofits.  We work to ensure that all BeMore photographers are given complete access to the people and events that they photograph thus creating new educational opportunities that will make anyone a better photographer.

What you agree to

As a photographer for BeMore Photography, you are responsible for creating quality images that will be used by the non-profit organization with which you are working.  In general, we expect our photographers to deliver no fewer than 3 photographs per hour of the assignment, though we prefer to deliver more if possible.  This gives the non-profit organization a variety of images to select from for use in their social media campaigns, marketing materials, brochures, fund raisers, etcetera.  We expect that a small selection of images – typically some (1-5) of your favorite shots – will be provided to the non-profit organization within 1 week of the event to allow updates for the non-profits social media campaigns.  The remaining images will be delivered to the non-profit in 4 weeks for a half day event and 8 weeks for a full day event.

Your rights

By agreeing to photograph for a non-profit you are granting them a worldwide, irrevocable editorial license to use your photographs in support of the non-profit’s mission.  Your photographs may not be used in any other capacity by the non-profit organization or its members without expressed written consent from the photographer.  The non-profit must give credit to you as the original creator of the images for all uses of your work.  As the photographer, you retain all copyrights to your images taken during any of the events that you shoot.


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