BeMore Photography relies on the kindness of volunteers to make our organization run. For all of our volunteers, this is a mission to make our community better one picture at a time.   Many of our volunteers are professional photographers. Some are just looking for a new way to help our communities. We all believe in the unique power of art to transform a message.  


Visit our Volunteer Page to see how you can participate in the BeMore movement.


BeMore Photography's Executive Board

Gerry Chase

Karen Sitnick

Christopher Harrison


Director of Training
Christopher Crews

Social Coordinator
Irv Freedman

Website Manager
Rich Newberger

Client Coordinators
Subodh Atal
Christopher Crews
Bill Dunn
Irv Freedman
Christopher Harrison
Justin Katz
Rich Newberger
Jim Sandoz
Karen Sitnick
Courtney Trusty
Ran Zeimer

Other Volunteer Photographers
David Andrews
Brian Babcock
Russell Brammer
Abigail Bumanlag
Rachel Cleveland
Sienna Clough
Jon Cohen
Neil Dampier
Anneli Freeman
David Frey
Sarah Griffith
Jalen Jordan
Megan Kelly
Nancy Kim
Beauyn Kodani
Rebekah Lindner
Kiara Lindsey
Richard Montgomery
Ben Pollhein
Dawn Robinson
Bob Rives
Michael Silva
Julie Smith
Mikelle Smith
Richellieu Tuliao


BeMore Photography
3503 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Email: info@bemorephotography.org