Improving Our Community One Photograph At A Time

Our purpose is to improve the Greater Baltimore Washington Community by providing non-profits with compelling and affordable photography that demonstrates the impact of their missions.

The more we give, the more we do.  The more we do, the more we are.  So Give More, Do More, BeMore.

The Beliefs that Guide Us

Photography serves to define the window through which we view, interpret, and communicate our societal ideals and problems.  It guides our understanding of beauty and pain, of joy and sorrow, of accomplishment and struggle.  A photograph can be a call to action, or a call for contemplation. Photographs are capable of altering our perception of the world that surrounds us every day.

We believe that a single image can define your organization and convey your mission to the public in a manner that no other medium is capable of doing alone.  A strong fundraising base is often rooted in the ability of an organization to visually portray its mission and accomplishments to its prospective funding sources.  When used in conjunction with the written word, a non-profit can develop a powerful tool to communicate with their community and ultimately increase the level of involvement by showcasing their accomplishments, work, and mission.  However, quality photography services are expensive and are often completely out of reach for non-profit organizations with annual revenues under $50,000.  That’s where we can help.

Our photographers give back to their communities by volunteering their time and services to help non-profit organizations.  By connecting your non-profit’s needs with our photographers passion of photography, we create a powerful team that helps our photographers gain experience and exposure while helping non-profits gain professional quality imagery to use within their organization.

BeMore Photography was created on a philosophy that we believe to be true of ourselves and of our communities.  The following 3 ideas are key to our organization and will continue to guide us into the future.

1) Non-profits directly benefit the communities in which we live.

Whether it is painting a map of the United States for an elementary school, providing housing and legal support for asylum seekers, working to get the homeless into homes, or helping troubled youth stay in school, we believe that communities benefit greatly from the services that non-profit organizations provide.  Therefore, by helping small, non-profit organizations achieve their goals, we are helping the communities in which we live.

2) Images may be worth 10,000 words, but the best ones leave you speechless.

Humans are visual.  We rely heavily on our sense of vision to guide us through life.  Our emotions and judgment are permanently intertwined with our visual senses.  It is through imagery that photographers attempt to build connections with the audience.  Likewise, it is through the use of imagery that a non-profit will build a connection with its audience.  We firmly believe that the power of imagery to make these connections cannot be underestimated.

3) Many individuals want to give back to their communities, but most just don’t know how.

Most people would be more than willing to help their communities if given the chance.  The problem is that a majority of people do not know how or where their help is needed.  Using photography to raise awareness of an organization’s goals will help link an individual’s desire to serve with a need.


BeMore Photography
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