Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

One of the most common questions we get at BeMore Photography is how to provide proper credit to our organization and the photographers that work several hours photographing, sorting, editing, posting, and delivering a finished product to the organizations we work with.  So we put this page together to help you help us and the photographers that are vital to BeMore Photography!

It is always great to see the different mediums that our work gets being published in.  Everything from traditional print media like newsletters to social media like facebook and websites.


Crediting us in Print Media

Because we haven't developed the technology to click hyperlinks within a piece of paper quite yet, it's important for our organization and the photographers that work with use that we get our names out there.  So in traditional print media we ask that you include the name of the photographer who shot your event and the url for BeMore photography for each image that you use.  By doing this you are giving proper credit to the specific photographer as well as BeMore Photography.  Below is an example of how we would like to see our work credited in print media.


Crediting us on Facebook

The importance of social media in the increasingly connected world can not be underestimated.  For many Non-Profit's social media can often mean the difference between success and obscurity for an organization.    BeMore Photography will make every effort to promote the organizations we work with by posting on their social media websites and partnering with the organizations we work with.  Though it isn't a requirement, we do hope that you will work to promote our organization as well by crediting us on your page, and maybe giving us a shout out too.

When you create an album of our pictures, please provide credit to the photographer who shot the event for you and include BeMore Photography's url in the comments section for each of the photos you use.  When you create an album - you have the option to provide a description for each of your photographs.  It helps our organization greatly if you give us credit on each of the photographs put into your album by including the name of the photographer that helped shoot your event and the url to BeMore Photography's website.  The text should look something like this: John Oliver (  Below is an example of how it should look in facebook.  To make the process easier - you can copy and paste the text from one photograph to the next.  The entire process take under a minute to do but is hugely beneficial to us!


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