Information for Non-Profits

If you are interested in working with BeMore Photography, then please fill out our NON-PROFIT APPLICATION.  Our Board of Directors meets quarterly (January, April, July and October) to review new client requests.  Once you submit your organization's application, you can expect to hear back from us following our next quarterly meeting.  Please be advised that we do our best to evaluate applications as soon as possible, but due to the volume of requests that we receive each month (and the timing of your submission compared to our quarterly meeting), there could be up to a three month delay in receiving a response.

Photographers join BeMore Photography to help local communities through the lens of their cameras. BeMore Photography is focused on providing affordable photography services for local non-profits, primarily for those non-profits whose revenue is less than $50,000/year.  It is these organizations who truly lack the ability to hire professional photographic services, and who are often completely reliant on volunteers to make the organization function. We simply ask that you consider making a donation of whatever amount you can afford to help us continue our mission of helping local non-profits.  As a very small organization ourselves, we know that a donation of any size goes a long way. No amount is too small!

So what if your revenue is greater than $50,000?

As BeMore Photography grew we realized something.  There are a lot of non-profits who want to work with our photographers, but they have revenues over $50,000/year. Our mission is to help non-profits, not to exclude or limit them.  For those of you who have revenues ABOVE $50,000/year we request that you make a small donation of at least $150 per shoot/per photographer for our services.  This will help us maintain our website, the batteries used in our flashes, training for our photographers, other operational costs, and to grow our organization. 

What can you expect?

All of our volunteer photographers believe in the power of photography to convey the needs and goals of your organization. On the agreed upon date, our volunteer photographers will attend and photograph your event. Our photographers will provide you with hi-resolution images usually within 2 weeks after your event. Please be patient - it takes time to give you a quality product that you will want to show off! We strive to deliver an image or two within 24 hours for use on your social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, etc - just let us know your needs ahead of time. The number of final images returned will vary widely between events. We strive to provide you with no fewer than 4 images per hour of your event, but we typically deliver more.

How can you use the images?

Our volunteer photographers are essentially acting as a freelance photographers who have been hired by your non-profit for little or no compensation.  As such, the photographer will hold copyright on all photographs taken during the event through which he/she was contracted through BeMore Photography.  However, the photographer grants a non-exclusive, world wide, irrevocable license to use any of the materials provided to your non-profit for editorial use, promotion of programs, or promotion of your non-profit’s mission.  In short, you can use the images to promote or raise money for your non-profit, but you can’t sell them for individual profit. We do require that you credit all images according to BeMore Photography guidelines.


Crediting BeMore Photography

We have created a page full of examples on how to credit BeMore Photography.  Please click here to see how to credit our work online or in print!

Our Caveats

While we take pride in our work and have produced quality photographs in the past, we can't guarantee professional-quality results at your event.  BeMore photography does not hold any responsibility or liability for the events that our volunteer photographers shoot.  We do not guarantee the results either explicitly stated or implied by our volunteer photographers regarding the images that they will produce at a given event.  Should a photograph be essential to the survival of your organization, we suggest that you hire professional photographic services.  Many of our volunteer photographers have a separate business and we will gladly point you in their direction. 

Lastly, we exist to help our community.  We will not work with any group that promotes what we deem to be hateful speech or actions against any group or persons.  Period.  Working with any Non-Profit is solely at the discretion of BeMore Photography and contingent on the Volunteer Photographers who make up our organization.  We will not force our photographers to work on any project they do not feel comfortable photographing and as a result we may deny your request for our services for these reasons.


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